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Inspiration for Hijab Fashion.

Since 2001, we are manufacturers for many national local brands

Inspired by the story of an Italian woman who loved the beauty of the scenery where she realized that the creation of the khalik deserves to be guarded and should we enjoy with various ways of manifesting our gratitude to Allah S.W.T.

This woman is very fond of painting and that's where we try to appreciate all the beauty that Allah S.W.T has created and appreciate in the form of painting-themed Hijab.

93% Women we ask like painting hijabs.

Hijab is a must for all women who feel themselves descended from Adam, Allah SWT said "O son of Adam, verily We have sent down to you clothes to cover your nakedness and beautiful clothes for jewelry. And that is the best clothing of the taqwa. the signs of God's power, hopefully they will always remember. (QS. Al-A`raf: 26). 

From this we intend to make a small thing to remind all Eve of the beauty and commandments. including by creating an inspiration for Hijab Fashion with the ARIONA Brand.

ARIONA will always inspire that the hijab is a beauty and beauty in dress. ARIONA will be marketed on May 4, 2019 with high hopes that we will succeed in inspiring Hijab Fashion. with initial fashion products and voile and Viscose scarves.

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